Chapter Goals

Each year, the Board of Directors gathers to strategically access and plan goals for our chapter. This year we redefined the way we thought about our goals – what can we change right now that will take the least amount of effort but, have the biggest impact on our members. As the leaders for marketing and business development in our industry, we wanted to focus on what we do best, marketing.

We came up with three overarching goals to lead us through our efforts to improving our chapter over the next year.

  1. Be the go-to resource in education, creating connections, and developing leaders in the industry
  2. Leadership development for you within your firm and our SMPS chapter
  3. Elevate the SMPS experience

Following each goal, our leadership team came up with a few action items for each branch to accomplish this year. We’ve made sure these goals align with the Society’s mission, “Business transformed through marketing leadership, and are aiming to higher to push ourselves.

Our goals are identified below.

  • Finalize and implement milestone letters (to be used by Membership Branch).
  • Collaborate with the Education Branch to develop technical training workshop.
  • Hold StarChapter training for Leadership Team.
  • Create a standard schedule for StarChapter training for incoming Leadership Team.
  • Implement a new data storage cloud service (move from BOX).
  • Revamp role of President’s Advisory Panel.
  • Work with Headquarters on By-Law Modifications.
  • Monitor implementation of Society Branding (with all branches).
  • Revise and implement Chapter Organizational Chart to be function based.
  • Develop leadership within the organization's planning/processes (all branches).
  • Work with President’s Advisory Panel to create a database of potential speakers and topics for submission on behalf of the Chapter to other associations/organizations.
  • Develop technical staff training program with Education Branch.
  • Evaluate if the new Sponsorship role should fall under Treasurer versus Programs.
  • Present “snapshot” of the budget in branch report supported by the budget. This isn’t for every branch; only the ones that need attention. 
  • Balance financials monthly. 
  • Work closely with Directors planning events to help with the budget (i.e. Education and Programs for workshops and Phelix Awards(food, stipends, etc.) and Leverage Your Beverage. 
  • Develop a Job Board campaign (i.e. outreach to firms who place an ad and offer 2 free programs to new hires). 
  • Re-evaluate and document processes to streamline the transition to the new Treasurer.
  • Start bringing Treasurer up-to-speed 3-4 months prior to the fiscal year.
  • Work with Recruitment on the process for following up on Job Board positions being filled. Will notify Membership monthly the list of companies that archived and if they hired someone will send the name.
Chapter Marketing
  • Create a location for documented processes, FAQs, passwords, etc.
  • Send out action items from board meetings within 3 days of the board meeting.
  • Implement enhanced SFE tracking into the branch reports.
  • Create a timeline for SFE submittals to be used for future submittals.
  • Evaluate if current subscriptions are needed.
Chapter Collateral
  • Implement all new Society logos, branding, and graphics to comply with standards set by SMPS National.
  • Develop a list of printed Chapter items that need to be updated and start updating as needs arise.
  • Update sponsorship packages, sponsorship agreements.
  • Update the membership brochure.
Event Graphics
  • Implement all new Society logos, branding, and graphics to comply with standards set by SMPS National.
  • Implement committee member dedicated assignments.
  • Communicate the need for compliance with the graphics committee.
  • Develop templates for social media posts in coordination with Publicity Branch.
  • Redesign eblast in coordination with publicity branch.
  • Look at new ways to get graphics committee members actively participating.

  • Attend all New Member Breakfast events to connect with new and potential members.
  • Gain member participation of at least 20 members in outreach event(s).
  • Update branding on all print/video, etc.
Community Project
  • Identify organization(s) to support by November 2018. Support at least one organization in 2018.
  • Schedule 3 outreach venues (perhaps for Jan, April, July) where our Board Meeting can be held, allowing the Board and members invited to provide hands-on service (such as St. Mary’s hand out or pack food, school or tutoring organization – we could offer tutoring or mini-presentation on marketing, etc.).
  • Identify one organization Chapter members can support by providing seminars, presentations, guest speakers.
Phelix Awards
  • Continue to increase awards program awareness and benefits of winning awards (celebrating our profession and what we do best), generate excitement, encourage submissions, presentation announcements at various SMPS events.
  • Develop two posts (Feb and July 2019) per year highlighting impressions from a manager of previous winners on how the recognition of their Marketer’s talent and abilities has changed their views on the role Marketers play in their firm’s success.
  • Generate excitement/encourage submissions: Beginning in January 2019, begin making announcements at monthly programs and education events.
  • Develop one post per quarter (Nov, Feb, May, Aug) about a brief interview with past year’s award recipients – get info on how the recognition received has helped them grow personally and/or professionally.
  • Liaison with Publicity – by January 2019, set timeline for promotional videos, update graphics with new branding, send save the dates out earlier, secure quotes from previous winners encouraging submissions.
  • Increase the number of award submissions to 20.

  • All programs to be identified by end of the first month of the fiscal year.
  • Distribute presentation and/or takeaways within one week of the event.
  • Increase Fellow and CPSM involvement.
  • Create /establish member follow-up process for members who haven’t been to a program in a few months.
  • Gain knowledge on the value of what Headquarters can provide in terms of historical programming/educational events (price, domain, # of attendees) and support.
  • Identify/create a database of partner organizations and areas for collaboration (i.e. programs, special events, conferences, shared member pricing events, etc.).
  • Two sponsor minimum per event.
  • Create task functions for committee members.
  • Research, identify and implement new event location.
  • Recognize membership milestones (also part of an Executive Branch Goal)
  • Re-implement Returning Member Spotlights
  • Develop exit surveys
  • Retain 80% of members
  • Develop a marketing strategy for retention.
  • Develop a Recruitment Campaign.
  • Host a New Member Breakfast quarterly.
  • Incorporate StarChapter/website training into the new member breakfast.
  • Re-implement New Member Spotlights.
  • Grow membership by 15 new members.
  • Identify ways to increase student participation.
First Impressions/Hospitality/Ambassador
  • Utilize and share committee members across all of Membership Branch.
  • Identify roles for committee members and encourage ownership.
  • Identify and evaluate potential and past partner associations (database) for joint Leverage Your Beverage Events.
  • 1 Leverage Your Beverage Event with a partner association(s).
  • Implement table topics for during program events.
  • Evaluate opportunities for collaboration with other branches for their events.
  • Ensure annual event calendar is updated at the beginning of the year.
  • Refine task assignments to streamline existing processes.
  • Revamp and simplify publicity request form.
  • Increase blog engagement/readership.
  • Create a database of past blog contributors and subject matter.
  • Coordinate with other branches to establish editorial calendars.
  • Update website with new branding.
  • Coordinate with Executive Branch for new pages to be added.
  • Update newsletter with new branding.
  • Revamp e-blast (newsletter format) to streamline communication and increase efficiency among recipients.
  • Encourage membership to shocase their SMPS experiences through video submissons via social media, vlogs, or professional videos.
Social Media
  • Reduce redundancy/monotony of social media posts.
  • Establish consistent hashtags for social media posts.
  • Update platforms with new branding.
  • Coordinate with Secretary Branch to create templates.
  • Create a strategy to increase engagement with followers.
  • Implement the sharing of Society posts.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other branches for Social Media content and campaigns.
  • Implement real-time social media (Facebook live, Instagram Stories) postings during programs.
  • Schedule in membership videos that have been already filmed throughout the year.
  • Evaluate the reach of posts to increase engagement. If necessary, establish alternatives to distribute.
Education Programs
  • Maximize the value of Roadmap for program planning purposes.
  • Enhance coordination between Programs and Education during planning.
  • Early planning - submit save the date six weeks prior to the program with complete advertisement 4 weeks out.
  • Increase number of Education committee members.
  • Partner with member companies offering training.
  • Identify Mentorship Committee Volunteers to start promoting the program and creating the events for the 2019-2020 year
  • Begin preparation for CPSM earlier and encourage CPSM member participation.
  • A commitment of at least 3 Members to take the CPSM Exam.
  • Issue call for presentations to CPSMs to encourage and showacse presentation opportunities.
Southwest Regional Conference
  • Building a committee for the 2019 conference.
  • Solicit for members to join the 2020 conference planning committe
  • Have 15-20 Arizona members attend the conference.
  • Have 5+ members volunteer at the conference.