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Why A3 Works: A Picture is Worth 1000 How Many Words Do Proposals Really Need to Be?

September 17, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Zoom Meeting

A well-crafted A3 allows you to create a winning proposal with 2000 words as opposed to the 2” thick proposal riddled with boilerplates and marketing jargon that have demanded our marketing resources for too long. With several national players already demanding this format, the time to use an A3 ( approx 11x17”) to answer an RFP is now! With origins in Lean Principals, the A3 format offers streamlined thinking paired with graphic design that leads reviewers through the presentation of qualifications. Some healthcare and higher ed owners issue RFPs on an A3 and require submissions – previously 20+ pages long – on one or two A3-sized pages. Smart A/E/C teams know that, whether required or not, A3s show a clarity of thinking and skill of presentation. Also used as an interview “placemat”, proposal executive summary or project update, the A3 is increasingly the format of choice.

You will gain insight into:

  • A3 Design and Implementation Submissions
  • Integrate A3 Works thinking into other proposal types


You will walk away with these benefits:

  • Save technical staff time.
  • Winning proposals with A3 format
    Consolidate, edit and refine strategic information and technical approach.


You will find answers to:

  • How to Plan A3 Responses to RFQ, RFP, Interview Phases
  • How to use the A3 format through your presentation of qualifications


Speaker bio: An SMPS member since 1999, Ann founded Stacey & Associates in 2004. Her firm connects building owners with A/E/C professionals through creative marketing and business development strategies. For the last several years, Ann has helped design and construction firms as well as construction owners better understand the value of lean proposal and project management processes.





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