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It’s an age old adage for a professional services marketer: you want to blow that agency/client out of the water, but you’re not a technical professional. You don’t know all there is to know about roadway geometry, wastewater treatment plants...

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The Vibe

’ll just be flat out honest here. I have ALWAYS had a hard time understanding why someone didn’t like me. It’s not that anyone has ever said they didn’t like me (at least, not to my face), but every now and again someone throws down “the vibe..."

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Desperately Seeking "MC"

WANTED: Marketing professional seeking opportunity to stagnate their career in a long-term position where their knowledge, experience and technical acumen will be sidelined, minimized or underutilized altogether. This position is with a company...

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Perfectionism & Procastination: A Tale of Two Traits

As I sit here gearing up to write this post that I personally suggested to BeatBlogger, I find myself wary…wary of what to say, wary of how to say it and wary of how much to write.

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Mr. Perfect... No Such thing...

Leadership. What exactly are the elusive qualities that make a perfect leader? And is there a set formula? I’ve sat through tons of classes and presentations on this particular topic, and the theme is always the same. Treat people with respect, project an

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Beatblogger is Buried Under a Pile of Paper Today...

So I PROMISED myself that I would NOT miss a weekly post for ANY reason, whatsoever.

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Fresh Off Hollywood

Not too long ago, I was rubbing elbows with several Hollywood A-listers…like Christian Bale, Olivia Wilde, Steve Carrell and funny-man Zach Galifianikis. Hell, I once brought Jim Carrey his apple juice and took Steve Buscemi’s lunch order!

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The Seven Year Itch

My technical colleagues ask me all the time why marketing people are so “finicky.” It appears that we are guilty of changing jobs frequently over short periods of time.

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What does your "Why" Look Like?

If you have been following my posts on this blog, you know that I am a self-proclaimed movie buff. Even my comments on other people’s posts tend to involve movie quotes or links to scenes. But only slightly behind movies (at least in my mind)...

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The Perils of Ignoring

“The busy man is a lazy man.” This has been one of the most convincing quotes that I have read recently. What C.S. Lewis was really getting at is that it is incredibly easy to fill up your schedule while never truly getting anything of significance...

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