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Five Tips for Passing the New CPSM Exam

Oh good, another “Top Things” article! Well, hopefully this one includes tips for something that you’ve been eyeballing for a while – the Certified Professional Services Marketer credentials! 

As someone who successfully passed the “new” CPSM exam, my hope is to lend some confidence and insight to those with the CPSM certification on their radar for the near future. My personal experience included everything that is entailed in this article, followed by the ultimate curveball before test day – “We’ve completely overhauled the CPSM exam with new and exciting questions!”

I thought to myself, “All good, we got this, right?”  Well, those “automatic” questions that were supposed to be a “gimme” were totally out the window. Thankfully, I had studied for conceptual understanding and attended the CPSM bootcamp. The ultimate tip: understand the underlying principles. If you learn the principles and not just the surface information, you’ll be able to cross that finish line and throw some confetti after that name of yours!

Luckily, you can avoid this pitfall by downloading this nifty new study guide that is tailored to the CPSM exam content. Download that now while you’re at it, so you’re ahead of the game.

Now, on to the real tips…

Disclaimer: This article does not include any magic potions, crafty shortcuts, or brilliant algorithms that will take the test for you. You will still have to put in the work! Fret not, my friends – the juice is worth the squeeze.

1. Decide To Certify!
The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, or a single click in this scenario. This is an important one, folks. Deciding to register and confirming your game plan with some personal goals and firm milestones will put the whole process in motion. If you’re serious, register for the exam ASAP (let’s not jump the gun. First, go ahead and confirm that you meet the CPSM eligibility requirements in order to sit for the exam). Once you’ve confirmed, select a date, register for your exam, and get ready to rumble! If you need some help justifying the expense for yourself or your employer, SMPS provides some great resources that include templates and tailored content.  

Register for the Exam to give yourself a hard deadline

2.  Easy Button: Pick Up Markendium
You may be thinking to yourself, “of course they want me to buy the book series they’ve published”, and you’d be right. We do, because it’s the best, easiest, and most efficient (read: affordable) solution for you to find success in your CPSM journey. SMPS has pooled information from numerous resources and publications into a succinct format that walks you through a logical progression for the Six Domains of Practice. Markendium (available on Amazon) is a six-book set that includes all knowledge necessary to pass the CPSM exam, and includes interactive study activities and practice test questions throughout each of the books. 

Purchase the Markendium book series and equip yourself for success

3. Hit the Books
Pick the study tactics that work for you. UCLA has posted a nice summary of Study Skills & Learning Tactics that can get you started with some valuable ideas. Personally, I’m big on a couple of these. Surveying, or skimming, for general context, followed by deep-dive reading and highlighting seems to be a good primer for strong understanding of the information. I’m also big on outlining (see: Listing or Concept Mapping) as you’re reading.  According to Colorado State University (and countless other educational resources), writing while studying or learning can slow down the cognitive process in a positive manner and allow for deeper digestion of the information. Outlining serves the purpose of forcing this mental absorption, and also doubles as a personalized study guide down the road.

Choose the best study tactics for you and implement them from start to finish






Form Study Groups & Practice Exams
CPSM Boot Camps can be tough to come by, but if you catch wind of a boot camp taking place in your region, register immediately! CPSM Boot Camps are invaluable to the upcoming class of candidates, as they are often taught by current CPSMs who may be inclined to drop a few gems along the way. Often times, boot camps may not fall within an individual’s personal timeline for certification. The best solution is to seek out fellow SMPS members in your chapter to form study groups. Although this may sound daunting or boring, it is a wonderful tool for understanding the concepts that are difficult to grasp. If you’ve taken the GAP Assessment you may already know where your weak points are. (Hint: Download and complete the GAP Assessment prior to studying in order to understand your own strengths and weaknesses and so you can work on those areas.)

Once you’ve worked your way through the Markendium series, be sure to check with SMPS HQ for any available practice exams online. Again, these were unavailable after the revised exam was released, so take advantage of any and all resources at your disposal. Practice exams and sample test questions are also available within the Markendium series and the CPSM Exam Study Guide provided by SMPS.

Form Study Groups & Take Practice Exams

5. Test Day Routines & Rituals
Chew Gum, knock on wood, wear your rally hat inside out, bring your lucky rabbit’s foot, whatever gets the positive vibes flowing. The exam will be computer based with 150 questions and runs approximately three hours. Check out the CPSM Handbook for specifics on the exam and related details. You will want to be on top of your game. That being said, read each question carefully. You are always looking for the BEST answer. There may be multiple choices that appear to be correct, but the BEST or MOST correct answer wins, amigos. Think in terms of “in a perfect world”, not necessarily how you or your past firms would have solved the problem. Again, the BEST answer will take home the points. Remember, you can move past questions you’re not sure about, and circle back to them after working your way through the rest of the exam. This tactic can be useful in thinking through additional concepts or deducing answers based on additional test information.  Whatever you do, take a deep breath, and proceed with confidence. Hard work will deliver the results you want, so start hitting the books!

Crush it and become a champion!

Signing Off
If you run into any questions or need clarification on study materials, reach out to your fellow SMPS members! We’re all in the game and quick to lend a helping hand. Those who have taken the CPSM exam understand the added stress and will be rooting for you. Hang in there, you can do this!

Godspeed to all CPSMs and all hopeful CPSM candidates!

Bill Pelham, CPSM
Senior Proposal Strategist, Burns & McDonnell

Known for his positive team mentality, Bill strives to support Burns & McDonnell in “creating amazing” as the Senior Proposal Strategist in the Phoenix regional office. With almost nine years in the AEC industry, he has worked with some of the nation’s top firms, including MONOGRAM, BBGM, CallisonRTKL, and Arcadis, providing proposal development, graphic design, marketing strategy, and digital marketing expertise. He has been an SMPS member since 2016, and currently serves as the Communications Chair of the Arizona Chapter’s publicity committee. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a double concentration in Marketing and Human Resources from SUNY University at Buffalo and is a valedictorian graduate of Full Sail University with an A.S. in Recording Arts. When he’s not working with a rock star team at Burns & McDonnell, Bill enjoys producing music, watching soccer, and rooting for the Phoenix Rising and New York Jets.

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