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CPSM: How Four Letters Can be a Game Changer for Your Career

Do those four letters really matter? The answer is yes and Sara Libby, CPSM, explains why!

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sara Libby about her role as the Corporate Marketing Manager at SWCA Environmental Consultants (SWCA) and SMPS Arizona CPSM Chair. Besides picking her brain about the benefits of the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) certification and the CPSM boot camp, I learned some interesting facts about Sara!

A brief background on Sara Libby – Sara graduated from ASU with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. During the first part of college, she took several Environmental Engineering classes, which has helped her succeed in her job at SWCA.

Sara has been in the A/E/C marketing industry for 11 years and 4 ½ of it has been with SWCA Environmental Consultants, where she serves as the corporate Marketing Manager for the company’s 31 offices and 850 employees. She enjoys the “nerdy” side of marketing – this includes the sharing of marketing information and resources throughout her company for marketing and business development support.

Now, back to why those four letters matter – Q&A time!

What do you consider to be the “nuts and bolts” of obtaining the CPSM certification?

Sara explained the requirements of the CPSM –being eligible to test based on experience (Bachelor’s degree + 4 years of experience, Associate’s degree + 6 years of experience, or 8 years of experience), passing the CPSM exam and then maintaining the 50 Certified Education Units (CEUs) every three years after passing the exam.

In addition, she explained that the CPSM exam consists of six domains of practice that cover the Marketing and Business Development gamut. It supplies a wide bank of knowledge in the marketing and business development profession that you might not be exposed to in your actual job. Study groups and study “boot camps” help members prepare for the exam. There is currently a boot camp taking place from January 20, 2017  to May 02, 2017. 

How has obtaining your CPSM impacted your career?

Sara attributes her CPSM certificate for getting her current job at SWCA. Her boss saw that she had the CPSM credentials and Sara feels it was the tipping point that got her the job offer.

What would your advice be to someone that is interested in participating in the boot camp?

She said, “Just do it! We’ve got a great lineup of SMPS Arizona CPSMs and Domain experts that will be presenting the study materials. On top of that, you’ll be in good company. There are 10 others signed up for the boot camp with whom you can study and who will hold you accountable to sit for the exam and take the next big step in your career.”

What information can you provide a marketer that is seeking approval from their boss to enroll in the boot camp?

“At only $80 for a 16 week course, this the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to getting a comprehensive education in marketing and Business Development for the A/E/C industry. Also, being surrounded by others who have the same goal as you – to pass the CPSM exam! – can be extremely motivating and can hold you accountable in reaching that goal.”

What are some interesting facts about you, outside of work?

Sara has a very exciting life outside of her marketing and CRM data. Sara sings Big Band and Latin Jazz music in two bands and participates in swing and salsa dancing. Recently she sang the National Anthem for the Goodman’s Office Chair Hockey tournament!

Sara is the CPSM chair for SMPS Arizona and she would be happy to talk to any interested SMPS members about pursuing CPSM credentials – she can also tell you the best places to go dancing!

Click here for CPSM FAQ sheet from the CPSM Info Session held November 2016, which featured Kevin Doyle, SMPS HQ Certification and IT Manager. For more information on the CPSM program or on the CPSM Boot Camp, contact:

Sara Libby, CPSM
SWCA Environmental Consultants|
2016-2017 SMPS Arizona CPSM Chair

Are you a CPSM? How has it benefited your career? Please share! 

Interviewer/Blog Writer: Debbie Parkins
Business Development, Western Technologies

Debbie Parkins, Business Developer with Western Technologies, has been a SMPS member for a year and a half. She enjoys the hosting duties of the hospitality committee and getting to meet other SMPS Members. Debbie enjoys her communication role within her job and loves to ski during winter! 

Interviewee: Sara Libby
Marketing Manager, SWCA Environmental Consultants 

Sara is a marketing professional specializing in branding, communications, graphics, public relations, copywriting and proposal creation. She has been a SMPS member for 11 years and is currently the CPSM Chair. Sara loves to sign and dance in her free time!  

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