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I liken the new SMPS year to a new school year. While it obviously occurs around the same time of year, it also resembles a time of advancement to build on what we we’ve learned over the years. Every year presents new opportunities based on the last, based on trends and changes. In Maureen’s closing message, she highlighted impressive accomplishments of what this Chapter provided you during 2016-2017. I see those accomplishments as a foundation for continued advancement, growth and opportunities to our profession, our firms and our industry.

So what’s on deck for 2017-2018? Internally, we’re fine-tuning some processes to give you the best impression and experience possible. Externally, we’ve planned some exciting programs and networking opportunities that we believe will fuel your professional development and help you take your career and your firm to new heights. Part of this includes giving back to those who give so much to us: our members and sponsors. Expect to see more scholarship opportunities, free events for members and a sponsors-only event— to name a few.

As in any business, we spent significant time strategic planning and identifying new goals for the year, and making sure they align with our mission, “To ADVOCATE, EDUCATE, and COLLABORATE for the AEC industry to build business for a THRIVING economy.” This year we’re putting extra emphasis on THRIVING. Together, we’ve weathered many storms; we’ve survived, we’ve established deeper roots, and now we believe it’s a time to provide opportunities to grow deeper and stronger.  Through our programs and events, we will help you build up your toolbox with resources to market smarter, and strengthen your leadership skills to be the marketing and business development expert in your firm. SMPS’ vision is that, through this experience, you will transform your business through market leadership.

On a personal note, when it came time for me to write this first message as President, I found myself imaging what I wanted to write in my closing message a year from now. I realized that my hope, in the end, is that you are given an experience this year that makes you thrive. That all the goals our Chapter leadership has identified will empower you in your career, guide your firm to more successes and ultimately give you greater personal fulfillment.


If you serve on the board or leadership team, this experience will challenge you and provide a chance for you to be the leaders that our industry needs, that your firm needs and that your career needs. If you are a member, this experience will expand your network, help you do your jobs better and with more confidence and direction. If you are a non-member, we want to be sure every interaction with us brings value to your firm, your profession and entices you to be part of delivering professional development to AEC marketers. Member firms, you should see direct results of these experiences and feel comfortable providing feedback on how we can be a better resource to help your business grow. This is my hope and expectation for this year. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you! I’m excited to be part of this experience with you, and can’t wait to see you at our upcoming events!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Roosevelt

 What are you looking forward to for the upcoming  SMPS year? Leave a comment below!

Emy Burback, MBA, CPSM
Lead Strategist, Marketing Engine, LLC.

Emy has been working in the A/E/C industry for the past 18 years and has been an active SMPS member for the past 10 years. She has enjoyed working for a variety of firms in the AEC industry. Most recently, Emy has started her own Marketing and CRM consulting firm, Marketing Engine. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is hang out with her husband and dogs on the beach in Rocky Point. Emy is passionate about traveling and loves an adventure! She enjoys hiking, going to new restaurants or buying a plane ticket to somewhere she's never been! 


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  1. Colleen Kucera

    Sep. 6, 2017

    Having been a part of the leadership team for so long now, I am excited to see things from a different perspective this year. I look forward to what this year holds for SMPS Arizona and to watch the great leaders, like Emy, take us to new places!

    1. Emy Burback

      Sep. 6, 2017

      Thank you, Colleen, for your leadership over the years as Past President and in numerous other roles! I'm happy to be on this SMPS ride with you!

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