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Simple and Creative Ways to Refresh Your Work space

Life have you feeling “cluttered”? When was the last time you looked through that bottom desk drawer and got rid of the stuff you didn’t need? If you’re too embarrassed to admit how long that has been then you are overdue for a spring-cleaning session! Don’t have the motivation or time to clean? If you are already creating excuses in your head, stop now. Sure, it sounds like a daunting task but just think about it, you’ll feel much better after you tidy up and organize – plus you might find documents that can be beneficial to future work! Check out these simple and creative ways to freshen up your office!

I don’t have time – This is the major hold-back for a lot of situations in life but let’s talk about the stuff you can take care of right away.  Look around your desk. Do you see supplies on your desk or folders in your drawers that you haven’t used in a while? Ask your co-workers to see if anyone needs them, if not, take them back to the supply room. Your company will save money by not having to order extra supplies and you’re contributing to environmental awareness by recycling.

I need change but I can’t afford it right now – Feel like some change could do you some good? On a budget? No sweat.As working professionals, we spend a good chunk of time at work and something as simple as bringing that neglected plant from home to work will make a great addition to your office or desk. It will instantly change your space and release oxygen into the air to keep your mind focused.  Don’t have a green thumb? Bring that old mason jar or cute mug in. It will make a great holder for those loose pens and pencils you have on your desk and it will give your workspace that simple yet modern look. Make your work station a place you ENJOY to be sitting at for 40+ hours a week!

Check out this article for 20 cubical décor ideas to make your office style work as hard as you do! You’d be surprised how many small DIY projects are shown online or inexpensive gadgets there are available to liven up your workstation. If you walk into work and instantly feel comfortable and excited, you are bound to have a more productive day. Take a few ideas from SMPS Member, Ashley Black! She livened up her workstation about a year ago and loves it.

“I knew when we completed our office refresh I would want to spruce up my workstation a bit. I decided to buy a bunch of inexpensive DIY stuff from Hobby Lobby and I focused on a white/silver theme to match our new desks. I bought a ton of white paint, silver glitter, some cheap wooden shapes and magnets – and went crazy! I also repurposed my name plate from a bridal shower as decoration. This was inexpensive and made for a very fun/fulfilling Saturday afternoon!”


I’m too stressed to clean - Simplicity is key and believe it or not, cleaning can be therapeutic. Change the desktop background on your computer to something visually appealing like the beach, your favorite vacation spot or a far-away galaxy. It will put a smile on your face and make you feel slightly more relaxed. Open the blinds to your windows and let natural light in – it’s like an instant facelift for your office! If you have a private office, invest in a small oil diffuser or some battery-operated candles, they will change the ambience of your workspace and instantly give that spa-like atmosphere. If you are in an open-office format then bring in a customized calendar or something that reminds you of your favorite things in life!

Is having a clean work area really that important? YES! Your workstation is exactly what it sounds like, a station to do work, not a storage facility! You will become more productive and chances are if you brighten your office a bit, your mood will be uplifted as well! Everyone owes it to themselves to have a fresh new look. Why not start at your desk?

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Maria Mejia
Marketing Coordinator, Dibble Engineering

Maria joined the A/E/C industry five years ago and has worked at Dibble for her entire A/E/C career. She joined SMPS three years ago and is one of our talented social media chairs! In her free time she enjoys making homemade soaps using all natural ingredients. It's a lengthy process but she said the results are worth waiting for! 

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  1. Emy Burback

    Mar. 7, 2018

    I appreciate these ideas, Maria! Seems like our minds feel cluttered when our environment is cluttered. We spend so much time at our desk, why not make it an inviting environment! Thank you!


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