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Learning the Why

Starting a new career can be intimidating, especially coming from outside the industry. Moving into a marketing position was a brand new exciting step. I was entering this fast-paced, quick-thinking, creative position that not only required me to master new computer programs, but to learn different areas of the marketing as well. I caught myself asking the same types of questions: What is required of the job? What are the company standards? What services does the firm offer? The list went on and on. In the beginning, I simply just jumped in and got the job done. However, I was missing the age-old question of WHY. Why did we as a firm decide to go after this pursuit? Why are we not attending every conference?

 Learn More about the Industry

When I joined my firm as a Marketing Coordinator a year and a half ago, I was privileged to join SMPS. This was the best move my company urged me to make because, again, I did not  know everything marketing encompassed or the industry itself. I never asked why I was joining this organization, and after my first event, that answer was crystal clear to me.

Through this organization I am constantly learning necessary tools that help inspire me to be better, both professionally and personally. SMPS has helped explain not only the why of certain aspects in this career/industry, but the who, what and where as well. Why social media is important in this industry, why branding is important, why a marketing plan is essential to the firm’s long-term goals and to the team, why fonts matter in marketing, and more. These are all crucial questions that I might not have even began to think about and that I am being challenged to learn and ask. Asking why has helped me learn more about this industry as a whole and helped me be more successful.

Learn More about Your Company

Asking why we do certain things helped me understand my firm better. It allowed me to see the behind- the-scenes view of the proposals, conferences, newsletters and marketing campaigns. I learned that each firm has a certain number of pursuits they plan out years ahead of time to win. I learned more about my firm’s five-year plan. By asking why, I have developed a deeper understanding of my role, my company’s goals are clearer and I am more invested in my work.    

Learn What Truly Inspires You
When I first began my career in this industry, I didn’t ask why. I simply went through the motions, just like a robot, and there were times I felt uninspired. I wasn’t in tune with the bigger picture of how my work was playing a role, other than meeting a deadline. I needed to find my purpose and figure out what about my work inspired me. Showing my desire to learn more about the company helped me find my inspiration. From the answers to my many “why” questions I left like I was shown a secret passage door to the inside workings of the firm. Ultimately, it showed me that my work does matter to the firm. It made me more emotionally vested and helped me regain inspiration when sometimes it is easy to lose.  

I urge everyone to step back and remember the reason why we do things. Remember, don’t just think of your why for your company, but think of your why personally. Learn, grow, get involved and ask essential and sometimes uncomfortable questions, because the results are worth it. To me, digging deep to find the “why” has made me a better person and marketer.  

When is the last time you’ve reflected on YOUR why? What makes you invested? What gives you motivation?

Kristy Lopez 
Marketing and Project Coordinator, Dibble CM

Kristy has been in the A/E/C industry for three years and was immersed in the marketing position within the field one and a half years ago. As she became a Marketing and Project Coordinator for Dibble CM, she also joined SMPS. As an active member of SMPS, Kristy participated in the 2016-2017 Mentorship program. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband and son. She also enjoys reading murder mystery novels and watching movies! 


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  1. Reece Max

    Oct. 19, 2017

    Great blog Kristy. Those "why" questions are important!

  2. Emy Burback

    Oct. 18, 2017

    So true, Kristy! It's easy to fall in the trap of being the hamster on the wheel, especially when deadlines are looming in front of us. The "why" though is what keeps us motivated to move forward and brings purpose to our life. Thanks for reminding us of this. Great article!


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