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Construction Site Safety: Tips for Marketers

Marketing professionals working in the construction industry juggle many tasks every day – from adapting to the preferences and requests of clients, to ensuring the success of marketing plans and everything in between, these daily job requirements are far from simple. Safety is top of mind for those out in the field but is that mind-set being carried into the office? Safety should be the highest priority for all employees in construction as people are firms’ biggest assets and it has a major impact on a business’s bottom line.

Let's take a look at some safety tips and information:

Verify vendors visiting sites are meeting your firm’s safety requirements.
Marketers within the A/E/C industry should provide the company safety program to all vendors prior to sending them on an active site. This way, the vendor will be familiar with all safety processes and procedures prior to entering the site. This is a great step to ensure safety without compromising the firm. Full personal protective equipment (PPE) should be provided to anyone visiting an active site.  

Ask the appropriate staff member before sharing an active job site photo on social media.
Even if you are up-to-date with all job site safety regulations, you should always check with a superintendent, project manager or safety director before posting an active job site photo. The worst thing you can do is take a great action shot and blast it on social media, to find out that a safety hazard is taking place in the image. Be careful and double check before sharing on social media!

Become OSHA Certified.
The benefits of being certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) should not be underestimated. provides an online library featuring 40 construction safety courses – Look them over and decide which course would make most sense for your specific firm. For example, the OSHA 30-hour Construction Industry Outreach Training course is a comprehensive safety program designed for anyone involved in the construction industry. By meeting OSHA's certification qualifications, marketers can enhance their knowledge of construction safety and demonstrate to clients that they are well-versed in safety matters. In addition, questions regarding safety is always an important section asked in an RFQ/RFP. Understanding the OSHA requirements and learning more about safety will allow marketers to have a better understanding of the regulations in order to respond appropriately – instead of recycling old verbiage.

Aside from these technical benefits, the most significant byproduct of becoming OSHA-certified is in being able to communicate more effectively with field personnel. 

Actively Promote and Campaign Safety Programs
Safety awareness from all employees is important to a successful project. One way of spreading cognizance is by having a safety campaign. It is important to actively promote your firm’s safety program and is even better if you understand the terminology and the regulations that your team can best relate to. Conveying an understanding of safety guidelines will allow for successful safety campaigns.  

Jessica Kane
Professional Blogger, Federal Steel Supply, Inc. 

Jessica Kane has been a professional blogger for the past five years at Federal Steel Supply, Inc., a leading supplier of carbon, alloy and stainless steel pipes, tubes, fittings and flanges. She’s been in this industry for 10 years and stumbled across SMPS Arizona through LinkedIn. In her free time, Jessica enjoys spending time with her 1.5-year-old son and husband. 


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