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A Blueprint for Prime and Subconsultant Partnering Success in SOQ Development

Lately, it feels like we are continually responding to requests for qualifications, which may or may not include fees. We have all had occasion to request qualifications information, we have all submitted it, and in my 26 years of experience, some Primes absolutely request it more efficiently and consistently than others. Putting together a collaborative and cohesive submittal package requires extensive and dedicated creative experience. I often think of it as ‘designing’ and ‘constructing’ a winning story, which if relayed successfully allows your team the coveted opportunity to provide the desired architecture, engineering and/or construction services.

The following items are a few guidelines that should help A/E/C Primes & Consultants work together better on their submittals:


  • READ the RFQ/RFP before requesting information. Consultant information is not always needed or is limited in scope. Restrictions on font size and content is critical, etc.
  • SEND the RFQ/RFP to the consultant when you request their information. Don’t assume they have it.
  • NOTE the page numbers and items in the RFQ/RFP you want responses for, and anything additional or special.
  • ENCOURAGE participation on the project approach. A consultant may know or have information you are not aware of.
  • CLARIFY if confidentiality of information is required. Lead sharing is common and should be addressed.
  • EXCLUSIVITY for consultants is rare. Be sure it is necessary before requesting and consider if limited exclusivity of specific team members rather than a firm would meet your goal and intent.
  • GIVE as much time as possible for your consultants to respond. Last minute requests don’t allow time for innovative or thorough responses.


  • READ the RFQ/RFP and the request from the Prime carefully before submitting your information. Don’t be the reason your team could be disqualified.
  • CONFIRM the due date and time and delivery method for your information.
  • ASK what the preferred format is for your qualifications and if the Prime has a template you can use or follow.
  • OFFER project approach information, etc., if previous experience or knowledge of the site will provide insight or clarification.
  • PROTECT a Primes’ data, approach, formats or templates. Remember not to share or duplicate them.
  • REQUEST a proposal format if a fee is to be included. A fee by phase is very different than a lump sum. Be efficient with your team members time.
  • SEND your qualifications before the deadline to allow review time, and for a follow up request if anything was missing or misunderstood.


Design and construct a successful submittal story by collaborating with your consultants in a diligent and consistent way.

Margie Luster
Director of Business Development, Caruso Turley Scott Structural Engineers

Margie is a 5th generation native Arizonan and is a perpetual optimist about the future.  She has over 30 years of experience in the AEC industry and values the relationships she has made with knowledgeable and respectful Partners and Associates.  In her free time, Margie enjoys working in her garden, growing trees, flowers and fat birds. 

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