Mentoring Program

Mentorship Program Outline

Mentoring Program

The SMPS Arizona Mentoring Program provides opportunities for both mentors and protégés to increase their levels of professional and technical marketing skills based on one-on-one relationships and shared collective knowledge. The program encourages individual career development, personal growth, and enhanced confidence through hands-on experience.

The purpose of the program is to motivate and inspire change – to help marketers have success and move up in their careers. The structure of the program centers around four elements of accountability:

Changes in the program

The mentor program has been dramatically improved to offer access to a brain trust of mentors rather than one individual, and hands-on application in lieu of monthly reporting. Rather than pre-determined pairings, the new format encourages protégés to develop organic relationships with members of the mentor panel based on their specific needs at any given point in the program. Protégés are also required to complete specific criteria to be considered for consideration of graduation: speed mentoring sessions, title tours, networking events and a personal project of their choosing.

Speed Mentoring Sessions

Protégés will attend and participate in monthly “speed mentoring” sessions where they will have access to a panel of mentors in facilitated discussion around a specific topic(s).

Topics may include networking, business development, work/life balance, career development, job interview skills, leadership, time management, marketing research and planning, and marketing communications.

Protégés are also required to complete specific criteria to be considered for consideration of graduation.

Title Tours

There are a variety of roles and titles within the AEC industry. Roles and responsibilities can differ across disciplines (architecture vs. engineering vs. construction) and from company to company. In order to get a greater understanding of the day-to-day requirements of those roles, protégés will be required to shadow at least one (1) marketing/business development professional in a discipline different than their own for at least 4 hours. Protégés will have the option of choosing a shadow candidate from the mentor panel or selecting one on their own.

Network Building

Networking is fundamental to any professional career, however even the most outgoing person can find it intimidating. Networking etiquette such as introductions, speaking to strangers, appropriate follow up, etc. will be applied in a real-world scenario. Protégés will be required to attend at least two (2) networking events, preferably as a mentor’s guest. Protégés will have the option of choosing a host from the mentor panel or selecting one on their own.

Personal Project

Finally, each protégé will complete and submit a personal project which will exercise the tactics and knowledge learned over the course of the program. The mentor panel will review each project and provide critique/feedback.

Protégés can choose from the following options:

  1. MCA Award submission
  2. Guest blogger article for the BeatBlogger
  3. Formal presentation development based on any topic covered in the program

Protégé Requirements:

  1. Must be an SMPS Arizona member
  2. Attend monthly mentorship sessions
  3. Complete at least one (1) Title Tour
  4. Attend at least two (2) networking events
  5. Submit a personal project
  6. Participate in recognition program

Mentor Requirements:

  1. Attend monthly mentorship sessions
  2. Participate in at least one (1) Title Tour
  3. Host a protégé at least two (2) networking events
  4. Review and provide comments on personal project submissions
  5. Preferred that mentors are SMPS members
  6. Participate in recognition program


  1. One-on-one mentoring opportunities
  2. The benefit of collaborative experience of the mentor panel
  3. Real-world strategies and insights to become an effective marketer
  4. Increased confidence, applicable skills development, and increase credibility within firm
  5. The flexibility to adjust your goals to match the changes in your job, company, etc.