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Michelle's Mini Illustrator Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator – did you just get the chills? Fear no more Marketers! Michelle Dsouza, Marketing Coordinator at T.Y. Lin International, has come to the rescue!

How many times have you found the perfect graphic on Shutterstock, but couldn’t edit it in InDesign or Photoshop so you just didn’t use it? Or, for firms with graphic designers, how many times have you received a graphic from your graphic designer and keep going back to them to have it tweaked until it’s just perfect? That stops today.

Michelle has created an extremely helpful handout which provides quick tips and shortcuts for editing vectors in Adobe Illustrator. You can access this document here.

Mini Q&A With Michelle:

Q: Michelle, How did you develop your Illustrator skills?
A: I was born this way....kidding! I continue to work on it, everyday, as much as I can. I love to ‘google everything’, check out tutorial videos and articles, follow other designers in the field and listen to design podcasts. The best piece of advice that I got (and still follow) is If you like something you see, recreate it as best you can – you end up learning so much in the process!

Q: When working in Illustrator, I've noticed that sometimes I get stuck clicking on all of the vector's layers instead of just the layer I'm trying to edit. How can I make sure to just select the layer that I need? The multiple blue lines drive me crazy! 
A: Most vectors (when downloaded) are usually grouped or inside a clipping mask since they contain a mix of vector shapes, text and background elements. The many blue lines are all selected objects that are shown once you unmask/ungroup the whole vector. To undo or separate them:

  • Select everything (Ctrl+A) and ungroup by selecting Object (from the Application Bar) > Ungroup (Shift+ Ctrl+G). You can always group them back by selecting Object > Group (Ctrl+G)

  • If it's in a clipping mask, select everything (Ctrl+A) and select Object > Clipping Mask > Release or Ctrl+Alt+7

Also, if you use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow), it will ‘directly’ select anything that’s part of a group of a mask).

Are you ready to learn how to edit a vector in illustrator?


Michelle D'Souza 
Marketing Coordinator, T.Y. Lin International 

Michelle has been immersed in the A/E/C Industry for about five years and a SMPS member for the past 10 months. Michelle is a Social Media Champion for the SMPS Arizona Publicity Branch and a recent Member of the Month award winner! Michelle loves to work on fun design projects, cook and travel as much as she can in her free time. 




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