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Building Your Own Team of Superheroes

My 15-year-old stepson really loves Marvel superheroes. He loves superheroes so much he even dresses up for Comicon. He knows the origins story of all the major characters and he knows the release date for every Marvel movie through 2019. Because he’s a fan, it goes without saying that he has seen every Marvel movie in theater; because he’s my son and I love him, that also means that I’ve seen a LOT of superhero movies myself.

Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man – I’ve seen them all. But my favorite movies are the ones where heroes team up – like in Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers. There’s something about getting all of these uniquely skilled individuals working together that seems to make achieving their personal and team goals more rewarding (not to mention better fight scenes).


In life, business and my career, I find that creating my own team of exceptionally skilled individuals is just as beneficial. In Carla Harris’ book, “Expect to Win”, She talks about three relationships every career-focused individual needs to have:

  1. Adviser - Someone who can answer discrete career questions about challenges, issues and opportunities.
  1. Mentor - Someone who can provide good, tailored developmental career advice, support your professional development and provide you with tools to help you improve your skills.
  1. Sponsor - Someone with authority and influence that is internal to your company and will advocate for you behind closed doors.

Many of us intuitively know that we need a team to achieve our career goals, but sometimes we need a little nudge to move us in that direction. Here are six times you should start building your own team of superheroes.

  1. Anytime you get a new job or enter a new field
  2. Anytime you get a promotion that requires additional skills
  3. Immediately after you get quality feedback from your direct manager about opportunities for improvement
  4. Once you have established your own or been given new performance goals
  5. Anytime there is a change in management or leadership
  6. Now

SMPS’ Mentorship Program is a smart step in building a network of exceptionally skilled marketers and business developers who will advise, support and encourage you to achieve your personal career goals. Register here, today and join us for our kick-off session on March 14th. No capes, power-packs or fighting skills required.

Maisha Christian Hagan
Marketing Director, Jokake Construction 

Maisha is the Marketing Director at Jokake Construction and has been with the company for five years. Not only has Maisha been in A/E/C industry for 18 years, she ha also been a member of SMPS for 10 years. Maisha is the Mentorship Program Chair and a true advocate for SMPS. When she’s not at work, Maisha is actively involved with her church’s leadership team. She sings, loves to garden and has a big obsession with tiny homes. 


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